Outreachy talk

So this happened 🙂
Yesterday I gave a talk about Outreachy to Girls Coding Kosova. Since there is isn’t anyone else from Kosovo who participated in Outreachy previously and they were not really informed about it, I thought I’d share my amazing experience and give some details about the program. I decided to focus more on the application process since that was the “tricky” part when I applied and seemed to be the same for them as well, since they had a lot of questions regarding the application part. I pretended to be applying for the second time and went through the application process step by step. Starting from choosing an organization, choosing a project, contacting mentors and coordinators via e-mail or IRC, making a small contribution etc.Outreachy3

I also talked a little about my project “Usability testing for GNOME”, so they would have an idea on how a project looks like and also walked through the project phases, I think this will come in handy specially to those who decide to apply for Usability testing as well. I tried to explain what is usability and how important it is for the users. Some of them liked the project and even decided participate on the test ^_^T

So, I must say it went great overall 🙂

I really hope they have the opportunity to join the amazing experiences that Outreachy has to offer!



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