Software Freedom Kosova 2016

The 7th edition of Software Freedom Kosova took place in Prishtina from October 21-23. The main conference venue was held at RIT Kosovo (AUK) and workshops were held at Prishtina Hackerspace as well as at Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK). This years conference involved around 300 participants, 41 speakers, 48 sessions, 10 booth tables aand lots of food 🙂

The schedule was filled with interesting talks and workshops. SFK brought together a variety of speakers from a wide range of professional backgrounds and countries.

The conference started with Peter Corbett, he talked about Hacking Consumer Experiences.


Thomas Levine showed us how he uses free software for efficient day-to-day computing. He demonstrated how he uses email, reads news, writes papers, references dictionaries and encyclopedias, develops software, searches the web, edits videos, and plays music. All from a terminal with the bare minimum degree of internet access.

Thomas Levine.jpg
James Michael DuPont showed us how to secure data and communication with GPG.


Andy Mabbett talked about Wikipedia and GLAM, where he explained how galleries, libraries, archives, museums, and similar institutions, can benefit from working with Wikipedia and its multi-lingual sister projects, like Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata, to preserve heritage, tell stories and share the sum of all knowledge.

Andy Mabbett.jpg

I also had the chance to hang around with the awesome Fedora ambassadors and Mozilla representatives.



I had an amazing time meeting all the speakers and participants, also learning a lot of new things.

Looking forward to meet you all at SFK’17!




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