Wrapping up Outreachy

Now that my time as an intern is over, I want to take a moment to thank Outreachy for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this amazing experience. Also a big thank you to my mentor Jim Hall and the GNOME design team (Allan and Jakub) for the guidance and encouragements they provided throughout these months. And finally, a thank you to GNOME community for being awesome ^_^

For future applicants

Lately I have been receiving some emails with questions regarding the application, so I thought I’d answer them here by explaining the process in few short steps.

Step1: Am I eligible?

So, the first step is to check out if you are eligible. You can do that by meeting these requirements.

Step 2: Where can I find the participating organizations?

Outreachy provides a wide range of organizations and projects to choose from. Most likely you will be able to find something that suits you. You can find organizations are offering internships this round here.

They are divided into three categories: Organizations That Joined Most Recently, Organizations Looking for Applicants and Organizations That Already Have Many Applicants.

If you have just learned about the program and don’t have a strong preference about which organization to work with, consider the “Joined Most Recently” first.

I also suggest you go through Planet Outreach. That is a great way to explore the projects and get an idea of how these projects work and what will your responsibilities be, by reading the past interns blogs where they described their work weekly.

Step 4: First contribution?

The next step is making a small contribution for the project that you want to apply. Contact the project’s mentor and ask for a suitable contribution. Make sure to follow the deadlines. Also keep working on more contributions after that, if you have time. That will help strengthen your application.

Step 5: Where to apply?

You can find the application system here, but you should submit your application only after you have selected a project and already made the initial contribution.


What makes a good application?

I think this boils down to some key things. Good communication, respecting deadlines, and most importantly first contribution. My mentor published a post recently where he stated that ”If you plan to apply for a future cycle in Outreachy, don’t forget the initial contribution. Take it seriously. Reach out to the project’s mentors and discuss the initial contribution and how to approach it. I know I took into consideration each applicant’s engagement and relative success in the initial contribution, and that mattered when selecting interns for the program.”

Useful links:

1.Jim’s advice for future interns: http://opensource-usability.blogspot.com/2016/09/wrap-up-from-this-cycle-of-outreachy.html


2. Advices from other interns:

[Outreachy] Tips for the kernel newbies:  https://vthakkar1994.wordpress.com/2016/09/13/outreachy-tips-for-the-kernel-newbies/

Outreachy: What? How? Why?: http://vakila.github.io/blog/outreachy-what-how-why/


3.Past usability interns (if you are interested on applying for usability testing):

Sanskriti: https://sanskritidawle.wordpress.com/

Gina: https://ginadobrescu.wordpress.com/

Ciarrai: http://www.nonerdsallowed.com/

Diana: https://dkripak.wordpress.com/


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