Sample Personas

In the last post I talked about what personas are and how useful they are, now its time to exemplify.

I chose two personas from quite different backgrounds in order to cover the wide range of users. In these tables I mixed some characteristics that I found more suitable for my examples, of course you can replace them with whatever suits your needs.


Name: Tamika

Gender: Woman

Age: 23

Location: Brazil

Occupation: Student

Personal Background: Tamika is a Computer Science student in the Institute of Informatics (INF). She is a Fedora user and contributor since 2013, she also helps in organizing events as a Fedora Ambassador. She claims that Overcoming prejudice is the biggest challenge in Thech field so she tries to encourage other women in pursuing careers in Science and Technology through her talks, where she shows her experience as a student and a contributor.

Use of technology: Tamika considers herself as an advanced user. She is a curious person as well as a quick-learner. She feels very comfortable while using variety of software to get her tasks done.

Use of GNOME: Tamika tried different Fedora spins. About a week ago she decided to come back to GNOME since she finds it easier to use and also likes its extensions.

Goals and tasks: Tamika uses of several applications in her daily workflow. Firefox for browsing purposes, Evolution for email handling . Seahorse for keeping her passwords secure and HexChat for IRC.

So, she mainly uses her laptop for studying and accomplishing general tasks.


Name: Justin

Gender: Man


Location: USA

Occupation: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Personal Background: Justin is goal-oriented and very punctual, he spends mos of the time working and is constantly busy.

Hes responsibilities are to Develop financial well-being of the organization he works for. He monitors financial performance by measuring and analyzing results,initiating corrective actions, reports financial status by developing forecasts; reporting results; analyzing variances; developing improvements.

He also likes to play golf in his free time.

Use of technology: Justin is comfortable using a computer and refers to himself as an “average” user. He mainly uses his computer for work and rarely for other purposes.

Use of GNOME: Justin is very new to GNOME environment and fairly new to Linux. He used windows for a long time so using GNOME is new to him.

Goals and tasks: Justin is constantly looking for substitutions for the older applications he used before. He needs more applications for getting his work done specially for analyzing and also for e-mail services.

Pictures shown above are labeled for noncommercial reuse:

Persona 1

Persona 2



2 thoughts on “Sample Personas

  1. These are very good sample personas! I especially liked that Tamika was described as someone who is an advanced Linux user who is coming back to GNOME. This suggests she might have used another desktop system like KDE and is now returning to GNOME. And I agree that she mainly uses her laptop for studying and accomplishing general tasks.

    The Justin persona is also very good. I like that he is new to GNOME and considers himself an average user. My only suggestion on this persona is your statement “He used windows for a long time so using GNOME has been quite challenging.” In a persona, you should avoid describing the persona’s problems with the new system. (The exception is when you have a system where you want to explore how to overcome a recent problem that affected many users.)

    Instead, you might write: “He used windows for a long time so using GNOME is new to him.” This subtle edit addresses how the user approaches GNOME.

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